We are revolutionizing STEM education by making robotics challenges and competitions accessible and enjoyable to kids globally.


Our Strategy

What makes Revolution Robotics different is our focus on what we call the four P's: Programs, People, Platform, and Price.

As a true non-profit, the one P we won't be focusing on is Profit; we can better fulfill our mission without the need to drive sales of our proprietary products.



Our robotics programs will be affordable, accessible, educational, fair, and fun. They will be based on student  learning and achievement, showing off what students design, build and program themselves.



We are creating an open-source, non-proprietary  platform designed to make robotics more accessible to all. In doing so, we will embolden more teachers and parents to sign-up as team mentors, allowing more kids to participate.


The decisions we make will prioritize the interests of the people we serve: that starts with the student participants, followed by the teachers and mentors who guide them, and the volunteers and partners who help make it all happen.



We must provide a much lower cost alternative to today's proprietary robotics platforms in order to eliminate the economic inequalities that prevent STEM exposure and achievement.


Number of countries

We envision a world where more kids participate in robotics than any other organized sport.



dollar cost per kit

We'll shrink the financial burden of participating in robotics through an open-sourced platform + non-profit approach.



Years of robotics experience

Co-founders Jared and Jason have developed, grown, and run some of the top STEM robotics programs in the world.